Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (NCC Air) - D

Enhancing Etiquette in Personal Commuting (Pedestrians)

“Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of others.“

By: Balasubramanian Abhinav, Lim Chin Hong, Kenneth, Ang Kai Wei, Ho Lucas, Aidan Wong Penu Jun-Wen, Choo Jiun Wei, Isaac Chow Tze Yang, Aggarwal Sakash, Isaac Khoo Wei Chen, Muhammad Naufal Bin Rezalludin

Promote a more gracious and pleasant environment for pedestrians and other commuters.

Room for improvement of gracious attitudes towards public transport, PMD and general road use.

Buona Vista constituency.

Encourage positive social norms amongst pedestrians and other road/pathway users.

Shared about positive behaviours that can be adopted using posters and Instagram account @ graciouspedestrians.