Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (NCC Air) - B

Enhancing Etiquette in Public Transport (MRT)

“Receive kindness when you dish it out or in return.”

By: Lim Zhi Yan, Issac, Nikhi Parmar, Pranav Jagatheeswaran, Gnana Amal Paulraj Joshua Andrew, Hariz Dhamiri Bin Dedy Dharma, Visruth Vivekanand, Nippani Srisha Murthy, Low Yew Keng, Timothy, Yue Zhiyang, Nicholas, Poh Jie Ren Luke, Yan Hanyu

Promote thoughtfulness and consideration on MRT.

Foster a culture of graciousness, so that everyone can have a pleasant journey.

Buona Vista constituency.

Encourage youths to step up and be gracious when commuting.

Shared about the impact of their actions (fear of being embarrassed holding youths back from being kind).