Anglo Chinese School

Clear Your Tray, Make Someone’s Day

“We believe that we have made small indistinguishable efforts now, which may slowly and determinedly impact the mindset of the general public in the long run.”

By: River Koh Ern Xin, Joel Ang Wei En, Ong Jia Yi, Keefe, Mark Tay Wei Hern, Richard Ng Zi Hao, Chew Song En, Caleb, Lau Xu Wen Reeve, Woo Zhongwei, Troy Luke, Elliott Tay Zi Yan, Rubenesh Kumar S/o Sukumar, Kishore Karunakaran, Eden Ow Sun Lok

Reach out to the public, raise awareness of the negative impact that littering has on hawker centres and encourage civic consciousness.

Many people do not realise the consequences of littering, such as pests and bird infestations, and the positive impact of tray return (faster turnover of seats especially during peak periods).

3 hawker centres in the heartlands.

Team engaged in conversations with patrons to highlighted the positive and negative impacts their actions have in the hawker centres, and tried to change their mindset of returning trays.

To further ensure effectiveness of their message, the team created a toolkit in the four languages and conducted situational training to overcome potential language barriers and rejection.