Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Neighbours – Friends by Choice


Uniformed Group: NCC (Sea) – Group A
Done by: Brandon Seah Lok Jun, Foo Jiauw Yenn Noel Fine, Tham Wei Kang, Gavin Tsai Kai Feng, Goh Joong Kiat Andrei, Seow Eng Diak, Troy, Evan Tay Yukai.

Theme: Neighbourliness

Wanting to encourage people to interact with and help out their neighbours, the team curated Instagram posts containing messages on good neighbourliness. Through relevant quotes, tips and graphics, they wished to urge individuals to take the initiative to communicate with their neighbours in a proactive manner, thereby fostering a strong community where people can rely on one another in times of need. The students highlighted that kind gestures towards one’s neighbours can be simple yet impactful.