Anglo-Chinese School Independent

Friendly Migrant Neighbours


Uniformed Group: NCC (Land) – Group C
Done by: Nepolian Kavin, Aakash Haran Velmurugan, Aarav Jalan, Evan Benedict Lim, Koh Zhi Seng Alvin, Leighton Mark Jansen, Nanda Kumar Shree Bhala Raj, Potula Viswa Uday, Tan Wei Zheng, Zhang Ruizhe, Zhao Zuoen, Joen.

Theme:  Foreigner-Local Integration

Aiming to promote greater kindness and compassion towards migrant workers, the cadets set up an Instagram page where they posted a series of riddles. These riddles alluded to the work and lifestyles of migrant workers, and the background images of these riddles were of construction sites and buildings. Through the riddles expressed in the form of poetry, the team engaged with their Instagram followers and hoped to encourage better integration between foreigners and locals in Singapore.