Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Far Relative no good as Near Neighbour


Uniformed Group: NCC (Land)
By: Finn Lee Guan Ze, Darius Ker Heng Kai, Ethan Yang Cexiong, Joshua Ho Kai An, Sethunath Manusabarinath, Ang Jia Yong Joshua, Bong Hao Heng Dylan, Chan Yu Zhe, Ezekial Chia En Xuan, Isaac Lim Sze Yuan, Leow Zheng Kai Marcus, Mohammad Ahnaf, Tham Wei Jian, Kenneth Raphael Lim.

Theme: Neighbourliness

We spread the importance of neighborliness, as well as ways to improve relationships with our neighbors, especially in teenagers, as they tend to shy away from interacting with their neighbors. Neighbors aren’t limited to residential ones, but could also include classmates, schoolmates etc. We used Instagram as our platform.