Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

Cyber Crusaders


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air)
By: Acharya Viren Piyush, Seth Neo En Hao, Dhruv Raj Chitrada, Reyes Lee Yui Hou, Abhay Lakshmi Narayanan, Aditya Ratra, Daniel Jude Choy, Muhammad Faheem Bin Mohammand Yasin, Peter Paulraj Birigin, Xavier Wong Far Jin, Ng Zu En, Josh (Huang Zuen), Amish Praveen.

Theme: Cyber-Kindness

To empathise with the victims of unruly behaviour on the internet, such as cyber bullying, and to prevent such acts. We will also encourage the spread of kindness and compassion through the use of the internet and social media platform to make it a better and positive place for everyone.