Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

ACaring 4U


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air)
By: Murali Mourya, Karan Gopu Pillai, Jerome Chan Yeak Yern, Cameron Lim Ren Yi, Soh Koen, Ee Eu-Jin, Elisha Pang Qi Ye, Hu Weiming, Aidan Teh Ren Kai, Kyle Kei, Nagarajan Praveen, Ethan Tan Jun En.

Theme: Neighbourliness

Our objective is to encourage others to communicate with their neighbours more often. This helps them to be more mentally stable and thus more productive. Moreover, we would like to strengthen bonds and relationships within neighbours so that they will help each other in times in need. We promote kindness and friendliness between neighbours to create a sense of solidarity in the neighbourhoods to improve mental well-being, also providing them a significant confidence and morale boost, along with the element of happiness or joy.