Badge Scheme

The badge scheme is progressive and available in 3 levels:


Focuses on Learning

Students would attend ‘The Good Vibes Workshop’ and participate in a 2-hour interactive discussion to learn about current affairs related to kindness in the community. This workshop equips students with social media marketing tools in preparation for their Silver and Gold Badge Award projects. The Bronze level is compulsory and a prerequisite to the Gold Badge level.


Focuses on Training

Students would initiate a kindness campaign within their school as an individual or in a group and submit a short project report and reflection to their teachers upon completion. This activity prepares them for the execution of a kindness campaign in the community at the Gold Badge level. The Silver level is optional.


Focuses on Execution

Students would extend the reach of a kindness campaign to the community to promote graciousness within their communities. Executing the campaign empowers students to be Ambassadors of Kindness, and demonstrates how they can do their part in tackling community issues such as neighbourliness, online etiquette and local and foreigner integration. Students would be required to first submit a proposal to the Singapore Kindness Movement for approval before executing their projects. After project execution, students would also be required to submit a final report and their reflections. Participating Uniformed Groups for the Gold Badge will be invited to the Kindness Awards Ceremony in November to receive their badges.

Gold Crossover Badge

Being kind does not limit itself only within the Uniformed Group that you are in. The Crossover Scheme is initiated to encourage collaboration between different uniformed groups of Singapore. Students can come together to form a team with a minimum of 3 representatives from the different Uniformed Groups up to a maximum of 12 participants. (e.g. 3 members from Scouts and 3 from Girl Guides, up to a maximum of 12 participants)

KBA Timeline 2020

Submission of KBA Gold Proposals03 August 2020
KBA Project ApprovalWithin 2 weeks from submission date
KBA Project Execution (by schools)After receiving approval
Submission of KBA Final Report02 November 2020
Kindness Awards CeremonyJanuary 2021

Did you know?

You can apply for the Seed Kindness Fund (SKF) for gold projects. For more information, please visit.

For other enquiries, please email [email protected]