Projects by Year: 2015 | 2014

Bedok South Secondary School

Project Trayformers
Quek Min Hui Tricia, Tan Qiu Wen, Nur Shakila Bte Arshad, Carissa Lee May Kwan, Vicky Lin Wei Kie, Gerald Lin Junhan, Clifford Tay Jing Rong, Martin Wang Liang Sen

The team from Project Trayformers aimed to promote graciousness among Singaporeans by keeping the shared dining environment clean and pleasant for customers. Looking around them, the team decided to tackle this issue because they felt that Singaporeans could do better in being more socially responsible and having more empathy for others. The simple act of returning trays would also benefit the cleaners in common eating areas who are mainly elderly folk or people with special needs.

The team sent their proposal for a Project Trayformers booth to Food Junction in Century Square, and the management readily agreed. The team went around and urged the public to sign their pledges to return their trays at shared dining spaces. Many of the patrons were supportive of the team’s efforts and were in turn rewarded with a small token of sweets prepared by the team. At the end of the day, the team garnered 357 pledges for their cause. The team believed that working together as a team from both the Girl Guides and Scouts allowed them to better spread kindness within the community. The team was also highly motivated by the amount of encouragement during the event day of the project. Members of the public were supportive of their cause and in being kinder to the service staff as a whole.

Being gracious doesn’t have to be something big and demanding; a simple act to help the people around us is sufficient to make Singapore a kinder nation.

Edgefield Secondary School

Project Scatter Kindness
Koh Tze Xuan, Roxana Yeo Xi Wen, Chung Yi Xuan Joleen, Muhammad Nabil Hakeem, Neo Jun Wee Leshawn, Yeo Yi An, Low Ji Woon Bryan

The team from Edgefield Secondary school decided to try a fresh take on promoting neighbourliness. Their aim was to promote interaction between the neighbours of a block in Punggol and appreciate their neighbours by way of kind words to one another. Doing this was rather difficult, but the team from Project Scatter Kindness had taken up the challenge and succeeded.

The team used an innovative idea: using helium balloons to deliver the messages between the apartments. This way, it is both striking to the residents and can also be tied to the door should a resident not be present in their house. It also allows the residents to skip the first step, as most of them are shy and do not wish to make the first move in saying a kind word to their neighbour.

Lessons learnt were received by both the students as well as the residents of the housing block. The students learnt the importance of being friendly and more open to their neighbours. As stated by Nabil from the team, “Interaction between neighbours will develop harmony among them and thus, they are less likely to quarrel with each other”.

With about half of the units in the block actively participating in the activity, Project Scatter Kindness is one of the few projects that tries to bring the neighbours of an area together. Sometimes, a simple kind word or phrase is enough to brighten up someone’s day. Let us all be more proactive and create a lasting, healthy, and happy relationship with our neighbours!

Hougang Secondary School

Project Sunshine
Siow Chun Wei, Ling Choon Siang, Chon Wei Cheng, Tay Jia Li Jamie, Jamie Tan Ying Xuan, Lim Jia Yi

Project Sunshine started out with a simple aim of tending to the elderly. The team felt that the elderly of the country could use with a bit more attention and the team could also learn a thing or two from organising an event for them. Getting to know the elderly would also allow the team to better improve their communication skills with the elders and, in turn, allow them to foster a better relationship with their own grandparents.

The team created an event that took place on Tuesday evenings for the elderly residents of the area. The session included some activities such as singing and simple games for the elderly to bond over. Publicity was done by way of door-to-door promotion, as well as posters and flyers to the residences. During the event itself, the elderly folks were enjoying themselves and the students also learnt new things and how to better understand the seniors.

Through carrying out the sessions and going around garnering people for the sessions, the team has learnt a myriad of life lessons. The collaborative effort from both Girl Guides and Scouts in the group has allowed them to leverage on each others’ strengths. They also experienced first-hand, the gratitude that the elderly residents had when they saw the smiles and heard the laughter during their sessions. They were also prepared when the participants brought over their children and had games which were suitable for all ages.

Doing good deeds and being kind to the elderly does not equate to a large-scale event. We can all be nicer to our elders by helping them out with their daily tasks or even a small sincere smile.

HQ Team

Project Smiles
Vivian Lee, Lee Hong Yee, Sarah Foo, Paulo Furtado, Nicolas Teo, Lin Junhao, Tan Jun Hao

Often times, it is the things that we overlook in our daily lives that impact those around us the most. The team from HQ thought about what could be done to make Singapore a kinder place, with a greater sense of appreciation for others. Their project aimed to encourage the public to appreciate the dedication and effort done by cleaners, specifically those working in the hawker centres.

The team carried out the event near to the Kovan hawker centre, where they were accessible to the patrons. Small cards were given to members of the public around hawker centres for them to write their notes of appreciation to the cleaners. These notes were collated into an Appreciation Jar which will motivate and encourage the cleaners on duty.

Smiley face stickers and badges were also given out to the public. These could also be given to the hawkers who have provided them with service as a personal token of appreciation as well. These served as a reminder that smiling can be a form of appreciation. Without the badges and stickers, or even money, we can all be more appreciative by a simple smile or a word of gratitude to the hawker staffs.

Being kinder or simply nicer to those around us can be infectious. If we can inculcate these values into the young of our society, we will be heading in the right direction as a nation. Let’s start by saying a sincere ‘Thank You’ to those who serve us at public spaces!

New Town Secondary School

Pioneers of Care!
Lee Wei Ling Melissa, Kong Shi Ya, Celine Tay Ru Hui, Ram Shekar S/O Kuna Shekar, Lim Rong, Zachary Lim

Looking deep into societal issues, the team from New Town Secondary chose to be more appreciative of their elders. The senior citizens of the country helped to mould the country into what she is today, and it is only right for us to take better care of them. Pioneers of Care! was created with the aim to be kind towards others and show gratitude towards the pioneers of our nation.

The team drafted various activities to be conducted at the nursing home. These activities included a dialogue session, a short performance, and some interactive games with the residents. The team divided themselves into groups to better utilize the manpower as they could reach out to more of the residents in the home.

During their time at the nursing home, the students were enthusiastic and proceeded to provide an enjoyable time to all those present. They had volunteers as well and everyone made the event a better one by providing a listening ear or even to provide some laughter and a smile to their faces. On the whole, everyone benefitted greatly from the experience. The students were very much enlightened by the process and many expressed interest to visit the nursing home again after the event.

In our society, not everyone is privileged or even blessed with family units that are strong and supportive. There are those who fall through the cracks and are left alone. It is our duty, as those who are able and willing, to provide them that little glimmer of hope and happiness. Sometimes, a simple act of listening can go a long way to impact the lives of our elders in a positive light.

Queenstown Secondary School

Kindness in the Neighbourhood
Yee Rongmin, Valerie Goh, Chiw Jiayi, He Jiali, Rachel Wong, Ankitha Rajaram, Duncan Goh, Teh Jin Yan, Erwin Foo, Brendan Cheong, Caleb Tan, Austin Jeremy

The team at Queenstown Secondary School aimed to reach out to the low income families who live nearby in Strathmore Avenue. With the close partnership the team has with Econ Health & Wellness Centre (Queenstown), the team supplied helping hands to do a cleanup of the premises as well as interacting and teaching simple craft to the families. Doing these acts of kindness will not only teach the students about community before self, but it will also improve the resident’s perceptions of students as being more civic-minded.

Kindness in the Neighbourhood proved to be a wonderful example of a student led project, with a joint team from both Girl Guides and Scouts. The team planned for the execution from start to finish. The logistics, actual purchase, and the division of manpower were all planned by the team.

The team went to the houses of the elderly citizens and they helped out with cleaning the households. The team divided themselves into two teams, one for cleaning the housing units and the other was to interact with the elderly residents. The cleaning group helped out by scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping the units while the interacting group taught the residents the art of origami in folding paper flowers, cranes, and hearts.

The team have gained valuable experience and a deep sense of satisfaction in carrying out the project. Looking at the smiles from the residents and making their day is something that money cannot buy, and should be something we all strive for.

River Valley High School

Gift of Kindness
Janice Kok Jea, Nyeo Yi Lei Eilace, Steffi Tan Xin Min, Thaddaeus Tan Jian Quan, Ng Wei Zhi Ernest, Phoe Chuan Yi Benny

The team at River Valley High do not believe that there is a lack of empathy among Singaporeans; rather, the society lacks the responsiveness and courage that is required to be a kinder society. They believe that kindness is in everyone, and from this, drafted their aim and objective. The team aimed to encourage Singaporeans to be kinder by raising their awareness on the effects of receiving kindness, and how easy it is to share the joy.

The Gift of Kindness team used a three-pronged approach in passing the message to the public; they had notes for the public to write encouraging words to spread kindness, goodie packs to be distributed, and coupons for the public to pass to others around them. The coupons entitled the person to a goodie pack as well, so it had a “pass-it-forward” effect and allowed the public to be braver in being kind to others.

Though they were the ones championing the objective to be kind to others around them, the team also learnt a great deal from the public’s participation. For example, one of the quotes left on their Post-It notes read, “Kindness is everything but insignificant”. The team felt really heartened by such notes and the smiles that they’ve received from the passerbys’ who were both participative and encouraging.

Being kind to others does not require the bravery of a lion, but it just needs us to be a little bit more courageous. So let us step up and be kind to the people around us. Or, at the very least, let’s just smile and say a kind word or two to brighten someone’s day!

Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Kindness on the Move
Self-made poster by the team from Kindness on the Move.Chen Wan Wen Jolene, Siti Sarah Bte Anhar, Erickin Guo Chen Xi, Syaida Adlina Bte Selamat, Melvin Chan Yi Lung, Thum Sau Kuan, Lau Yew Ching, Joel Ang Tze Jian, Qucinta Ardilah Bte Roslan, Alycia Ng Yan Zhi, Chia Yu Qi, Jaye Yeo

Everyday, we spent quite a significant amount of time commuting. Be it to work, school, or even for leisure, we undoubtedly rub shoulders with others en route to our destination. The team from Swiss Cottage Secondary School looked into this for inspiration. They believe that we could all be kinder to one another while we are taking the public transport. The team aimed to rekindle small acts of kindness on public transport and bringing about a greater awareness in showing appreciation to those who actually carry out these gracious deeds.

The team set up a booth during their open house, which attracted the presence of the community. This allowed them a greater outreach in spreading kindness while commuting. The team also managed to gather a significant number of pledges, from both the visitors and the staff and students of Swiss Cottage Secondary, to commit to showing kindness on public transport. The public who pledged were to focus on several kindness acts, such as moving to the rear of the bus, giving up their seats to those who needed it more, and even sharing an umbrella with another person.

Supporters of the cause received a button badge which was specially designed by the team. The idea of the badge is to pass it on to someone who did a kind deed. Kindness in itself does not have to be rewarded; intrinsically kindness is already a gift to the doer. Doing these deeds for others should come from us, and the community will be a better one for all. Wouldn’t it be magical if we faced kindness daily while we travel? Let’s do our part and join in with Kindness on the Move!