Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kindness Badge Award?

The Uniform Group Kindness Badge is a mark of distinction awarded to students who have completed tasks or projects that promote kindness and graciousness amongst their peers, within their schools, and to their families and communities. Achieving this badge identifies them as Ambassadors of Kindness. It is awarded by the Singapore Kindness Movement to students who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to fostering a gracious society.

This sounds interesting! How do I sign up?

Please approach your Teacher In Charge if you’re interested! However, only participating Uniformed Groups (listed on the left side of the Home Page) will be able to participate.

If you're a teacher from participating Uniformed Groups and your students have expressed interest, you can contact your Unit HQ for the follow-up steps.

Where do I register for the KBA Bronze Badge - The Good Vibes Workshop?

Please click here to register for the tour.

Where do I register for the Gold / Gold Crossover?

For students, please inform your Teacher I/C.
Teachers, please click here to register for the Gold / Gold Crossover Badge.

Oh no. My Uniformed Group is not listed. Can I still sign up?

Only participating Uniformed Groups are able to sign up for the Kindness Badge Award. If you still have a strong desire to participate, please inform your Teacher In Charge to inform their respective UG HQ’s of the student’s interest!

If I do not apply for Seed Kindness Fund, can I still attain the Kindness Badge?

Most definitely! However, do consider the Seed Kindness Fund as it was made for students and to further support your project to attain a wider reach!

Where can I download the KBA Proposal and Report template?

Please click here to download the templates.

I need more information on this. Who do I contact?

You can drop us an email at