About the Kindness Badge

The Kindness Badge is a mark of distinction awarded to students who have completed tasks or projects that promote kindness and graciousness amongst their peers, within their schools, and to their families and communities. Achieving this badge identifies them as Ambassadors of Kindness. It will be awarded by SKM to students who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to fostering a gracious society.

The badge scheme is progressive:

  • The Bronze Badge scheme introduces students to current affairs related to kindness in the community
    and design thinking tools in preparation for the Silver and Gold Badge Award Projects.
  • The Silver Badge is awarded to students who carry out a kindness campaign within their schools
  • The Gold Badge is conferred when students extend the reach of their campaign to the community

Objectives of the Kindness Badge

  • To encourage uniformed groups to foster a positive sense of community awareness
  • To spark waves of kindness in society via little projects by the uniformed groups
  • To forge stronger camaraderie between the various uniformed groups

Gold Crossover Badge

Being kind does not limit itself only within the uniformed group that you are in. The Crossover scheme is initiated to encourage collaboration between the uniformed groups of Singapore.